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Great story! This was well thought out.

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Name: Tylock
Head - Killin Dots
Hair - Android 16, White
Eyes - Normal, black brow, White Eyes
Mouth - Slanted
Noses - Long
Ears - Saiyan, Potara red
Body - Hairy, White
Hands - Gloves 2, Black
Torso - None
Belt - Tail
Legs - Pants, Red
Boots - Type 1, White, Black
Tail - Tail 2, White
Energy 2

Opposed to the saiyan warrior way a group of saiyans flee to a near by planet to live there lives as monks, who's only purpose was to use their power to help rebuild what the saiyans destroyed. At the time planet Vegeta was destroyed. The saiyan monks were rescuing the refugees of the previous planet the saiyans destroyed. Hearing of the destuction of their home planet. A few monks decided to stop the chaos at its sorce and take down Frieza, but fail. The remaining monks simply follow the path of destruction Frieza leaves behind to help in any way possible. Sometimes being rejected because of their race. After coming to a planet that was victim to Frieza the survivors took their anger out on the saiyan monks killing most of them and severely wounding some. Tylock the last survivor of the Saiyan monks decides to completely disguise himself and go into hiding, only coming out to help when needed. Finding himself on a planet next to be destroyed by Frieza he comes out of hiding and tries to help the citizens escape. As the planet is breaking apart he barely escapes with his life getting caught in the explosion nearly killing him. The refugees recover his body and treats him. When he recovers he finds himself to have incredibly increase in strength. He leaves the refugees to help other planets only to be there at the last minuete and nearly escaping with his life. His body continued to adapt to the destruction. Granting him incredible strength. When he finally caught up to Frieza he finds two drifting body parts floating in space. Tylock finally finds peace and returns to do good in the universe!


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